Blood Donation


“Blood is life, Blood saves life and Blood makes life” There are good people who make so many sacrifices to make a real project-“Saving lives”.

A very well known name in the field of blood bank is “Rotary Blood Bank”. It is wonderful but more pretty is the spirit of the service that it achieved and sustains it.

As Mother Teresa said “donation of blood is the highest gift to a dear one,” and so we thought, if we join hands, we can surely accomplish the target “that no one should die for the want of blood”. So DIST organizes the “Blood Donation Camp” annually.

It’s always been a pleasure working with the Rotary Blood Bank. After organizing series of camps, Rotary Blood Bank and its staff seems like a family to us. It has been a moving experience to meet such a committed organization involved in self service.

The Annual Sports Meet

It is an intra college annual sports meet. It provides a platform which helps the students to explore their potentials, soar high and reach high. Different sports events are: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Athletics, Chess, Carom, Martial-Arts, Power-Lifting and Tug-of-war. These events provide an energizing change to the students to keep themselves vivacious and active.

SANGAM...The annual Cultural fest of DIST


SANGAM is an annual cultural festival at Disha institute. It is an event which reeks out the hidden talents of students but not in technical aspect rather the arty part comes to the fore. This event provides the student with an opportunity to break the shackles of the hectic courses and the bundles of books and gives them a sense of vibration to show up their talents and inspires a gush of blood to come to the prow.

Some of the events at SANGAM include face painting, mehendi, singing, dancing, collage making, t-shirt painting, pot painting, rangoli making. These events certainly aid the students to flaunt their talents apart from the technical talents they uphold. The aim of vibrations could easily be formulated according to a saying "some cause happiness wherever they go ; others, whenever they go" and we aim the former, thus showering different tastes in the life of students makes them a dynamic personality.